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RJ Industrial Corporation, established in year 1988, is a professionally managed, cable manufacturing company, having PAN India market presence and a very large satisfied customer base including leaders like ABB, BHEL, BEL, L & T, TATA, ESSAR, IL, DMRC, ECIL and large number of others.

It has all integrated manufacturing facilities including wire drawing, plating, stranding, insulation lines, braiding & armouring and sheathing for various materials like PVC, XLPE,PTFE, TEFLON, RUBBER all in-house..
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Elastomeric rubber cable
Elastomer is an insulating material with high dielectric strength, flexibility and mechanical strength.
The above properties make these cables suitable for many applications, including use in elevators, lifts, cranes, mines, heater leads, electric Iron leads and number of other applications.
Elastomeric rubber cables are manufactured conforming to IS 9968 Part I & Part II.
There are various types of compounds according to the grades & properties as per IS 6380, such as general purpose, heat resisting and high temperature insulation.

Rubber cable manufacturer render an exquisite range of power cables that are being formulated in compliance of industrial quality standards. These are available in the market in various diameters, thickness, colors and dimensions. An exclusive range is highly used in diverse industrial area such as wind mills, crane and material handling equipment. A wide range of rubber cable is being made up with high grade raw material which can provide an optimum efficiency. This qualitative rubber cable is mostly acclaimed by various electrical industries for emergency circuit. Rubber cable manufacturer bring forth an extensive range of cables that are highly resistant to fire and do not extrude surplus smoke. A wide spectrum of rubber cables are also known as a insulated cables that has a diverse industrial application in various mines, ships, earth moving equipment, wagon tripplers, stackers, reclaimers , welding equipment, electric traction, etc. Rubber Cable manufacturer introduce a versatile range of cables all across the country. It has been formulated using premium quality material procured from trusted vendors.

The multi colored rubber cable manufacturer can provide an outstanding collection of cables that are available in varied specifications and can also tailor made as per the requirements of our valued clients. These are widely known for its versatile features like shock resistance, abrasion resistance and high voltage so that we are capable of catering the requirements of various leading industries. It gives long service life under any kind of harsh environment in nuclear and conventionally powered originating stations and safety considerations are the significant factors of these electric appliances. Rubber cable manufacturer is specialized in manufacturing complete range of silicon Coated rubber cable which is capable of enduring excess temperature.
Annealed Tinned copper conductor/alum. as per IS 8130.84, seperator tape (optional) melinex over the conductor.

  • General purpose insulation - Type E1 of IS 6380
  • Heat resisting insulation - Type E2 of IS 6380
  • Silicone rubber insulation - Type E5 of IS 6380

Proofed tape/PETP/RPCT/ Plastic tape over insulation (optional) can be provided.
Braiding : As required in different tables of IS 9968 Part I/88 & Part II
Compounding /Varnishing : As per relevant tables in IS 9968 Part I & II.
Binder tape : It is provided over laid up cores as per relevant tables.
Screening/Armouring : Additional G.I. Steel wire armour/Tinned copper wire braiding for mechanical strength & flexibility.
(As per requirement)

  • General purpose sheath SE 1 & SE 2 ofIS 6380-84.
  • Heat resisting sheathing SE 3 & SE4 of IS 6380.
Insulation Type Normal Continuous Operation Short Circuit Condition
General Purpose 60°C 200°C
Heat resisting insulation 90°C 250°C
Silicone Rubber insulation 150°C 350°C
Number of Cores Conductor Size Core Colours Number Printing
Single 4 Sq. mm to 300 Sq. mm Red, Yellow, Black, White, Blue 1
Two 4 Sq. mm to 240 Sq. mm Red, Black 1, 2
Three 4 Sq. mm to 185 Sq. mm Red, Black, Green 1,2,3
Four 4 Sq. mm to 185 Sq. mm Red, Yellow, Blue & Green 1,2,3,4
Five 4 Sq. mm to 16 Sq. mm Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Green 1,2,3,4,5
S. No. Material Tensile Strength
(Min.) (N/mm2)
Eleongation at Break (Min.) Max. Cond. Temp. for Continuous Operation (°C) Max. Cond. Temp. for Short Circuit (°C) Min. Cond. Temp. for Continuous Operations (°C)
1. Natural Rubber (VIR/TRS) 5.0A/7.0B/14.OC 300 60 200 -55
2. Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) 4.2 200 90 250 -50
3. Polychloroprene (PCP) 8.0B/11.0C


90 250 -40
4. Nitrile Butadiene Rubber & PVC Blend 8.0B/11.0C 250 80 200 -30
5. Chlorosulphonated Polythylene (CSP) 8.0B/11.0C 250 90 250 -35
6. Silicon Rubber 5.0 150 150 350 -55
7. Butyl Rubber 4.2 300 85 220 -55
Note : A - Insulation grade B-General purpose C-Heavy Duty
S. No. Material Insulating Resistance constant M Ohm Km (Min.) at 27°C at Max. Temp. Max. Cond. Temp. for Continuous Operation (°C) Max. Cond. Temp. for Short Circuit (°C)
1. Natural Rubber (VIR/TRS) 700 N/A IE1/SE1/SE2 Insulation / Sheath general services
2. Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) 3670 3.67 IE2 / IE3 Insulation Heat Resisting
3. Polychloroprene (PCP) N/A


SE3/ SE4 Normal / Heavy duty sheath heat resisting
4. Nitrile Butadiene Rubber & PVC Blend (NBR-PVC N/A N/A SE3 / SE4 Normal Heavy duty Sheath heat resisting
5. Chlorosulphonated Polythylene (CSP) N/A N/A SE3 / SE4 Normal / Heavy duty sheath heat resisting oil resisting & flame retardant
6. Silicon Rubber 870 N/A IE5 Insulation for temp. upto 200°C
7. Butyl Rubber 3670 3.67   Insulation Heat Resisting
Note : A-Insulation grade B-General purpose C-Heavy duty
Materials Natural Rubber Including Blends with SBR HOFR PCP Neoprene NBR/CSP Butyl EPR EPR/CSP CSP SILICON RUBBER
Resistance to Ozone Poor Good Good Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Corona - - - - - - Good Good
Weather - - - Fair Good - Very Good Very Good
Oil - - Very Good Poor Poor Good Good Fair
Water Good Fair Good Good Good Good to Fair Good to Fair Fair
Chemicals Fair - Fair - Fair Good Good Fair
Solvents Poor Good Good Poor Poor Fair Fair Poor
Abrasion Good to Fair Good Good Poor Poor Good Good Fair
Flame Poor Good Good Poor Poor Good Good Fair
Insulation Resistance Good Poor Poor Good Good Good Fair Good
Voltage Breakdown Good Fair Fair Good Good Good Good Good
A.C. Losses Good Poor Poor Good Good Fair Fair Good
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