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RJ Industrial Corporation, established in year 1988, is a professionally managed, cable manufacturing company, having PAN India market presence and a very large satisfied customer base including leaders like ABB, BHEL, BEL, L & T, TATA, ESSAR, IL, DMRC, ECIL and large number of others.

It has all integrated manufacturing facilities including wire drawing, plating, stranding, insulation lines, braiding & armouring and sheathing for various materials like PVC, XLPE,PTFE, TEFLON, RUBBER all in-house..
These cables are manufactured, using specially developed non-toxic EVA based Flame Retardant Halogen Free compound, that has many advantages and protection over standard constructions of cables.

The main advantages are superior flame resistance, low smoke & reduced toxicity, these cables areideal for use in environments, where high performance, reliability and human safety is required.The broad application include

Utility : Power generation, co-generation and power plants.
Industrial Plants : Petrochemicals, Paper, Pharmaceutical and Sensitive Industries
Data Centre : Computer Rooms, Switching Cables etc
Highly Populated Facilities : Metro Rails, Building, Hotels, Hospitals, etc
Military Applications : Aircrafts, Marine and Naval Submarine, Ships.

What are Halogens ? Why are they dangerous ?
Halogens are a group of highly reactive elements Viz chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine, when products containing halogens are burned, they produce very dangerous gases, Public awareness of these dangers began after several tragic fires, claimed lives of victims, who inhaled deadly halogen fumes. Many Govt. organisations have taken initiative, to eliminate use of halogenated materials for public use.
Apart from dangerous gases, when these gases comes in contact with water traces produce corrosive acids, the water source these gases use to form these acids can be found almost anywhere -moisture in eyes, throat & lungs and in atmosphere.
Also these acids, can significantly damage computers, safety circuits, metallic device, controls of lifts, ships, submarine etc.
Smoke- Another Safety Hazard
When halogenated materials burn they produce thousands of miniature particles of gas, soot and chemicals, this combination of by product is what we get is smoke, this smoke creates low visibility, so hamper the evacuation process at the site & breathing problems.
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